Repeatedly mocking an entire culture shouldn’t be tolerated

30 Apr

 The Simpsons “Bart to the Future”

To further my point, I moved unto the hit television series The Simpsons to gain another representation of Native Americans.  A brief encounter between cultures is shown in an episode entitled, “Bart to the Future”, in which Bart and Homer walk into a casino on the reservation and learn from a future-seeing Native American that Bart’s future looks bleak.  When Bart and Homer first enter, a Native American guard with a long, dark ponytail and stern expression tells them that minors are not allowed.  Homer then replies, “Sorry son, although they seem strange to us, we must respect the ways of the Indian.  Hey, how are ya! Hey how are ya!”  Once again, a popular television show mocks the historical ritual chanting and makes the relationship between Native Americans and Anglo citizens seem like an ongoing joke.  Next, when Bart is caught sneaking back into the casino, the casino manager, who happens to be a Native American chief, catches him and seeks some sort of revenge.  The stereotype of both the wise Indian chief and resentful Native American can be seen here as well as the romanticized image of the spiritual and magical connections that Native Americans historically cherish.


I do not own any rights to this photo. It is being used only for educational purposes and was retrieved from Google Images on Sunday, April 29th 2012.

The entire episode can be viewed below. (Skip to about one minute in to see the various depictions of Native Americans)

Bart To The Future


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